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Tried to make a simple purchase on, for some reason the first attempt was declined with instructions to call them .

so i called them and was tersely told to try again , so i tried again and that attempt ended up with a different error.

frustrated i sent a comment to customer service citing my difficulties and displeasure at being ignored when i called in to try and place the order.

i quickly received a response from their customer service rep who also was not interested in trying to process this order . all they recommended was double check the details and try again .

I replied stating i would like to order two bulbs , and this shouldn't be a difficult process also stated i use the same details on other sites and if i do encounter a issue those other sites will help in getting the ordered process.

the response i received was baffling informing that attempting to run the card multiple times would put my card at risk of over draft fees or reducing my credit limit. also they stated, they needed to take steps in preventing credit card fraud. and apologized for not being able to assist me .

At this point i gave up and ordered the bulbs some where else using the exact same details and card number provided on their site. i then sent another mail stating the fact, and enclosed the proof of those purchases going through without any issue . i also stated my displeasure in their service or lack there of, and I also did not like the mentioning of credit fraud as it seemed they were insinuating my attempts were at defrauding them instead of trying to place a order for bulbs.

the last email from their customer support was talking about how secure their site was they were not insinuating any thing, they are protecting their customers .

no where in any of those emails was any effort placed in trying to take my order for two light bulbs .

i just find that unbelievable.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #698158

I tried placing an order about mid October for Christmas lights that are hard to find.About a month later, I remembered placing this order and that I never got it.

I went to the website and tried to track my order and it said "Order Processing." I called up, but being three time zones away, they were closed.

I sent them an email to check what was going on and they responded that those items are discontinued and my order was canceled.3 days later I got a refund and a phony apology.

Panama City, Florida, United States #584817

1000 Bulbs has does an excellent job at resolving this issue there quick response in all regards to this matter has shown that there customer service is attentive to the customers .

While my issue may have not have been handled satisfactory at first, the company has put forth the effort to ensure that i am satisfied . The expediency in which they handled this issue is a shining example of what other companies should aim for when handling customer issues.

1000bulbs has shown that customer service is a top priority, and when it comes to lighting their sales and service should be on your shortlist.

They offer an excellent web site for choosing and comparing various lighting, and their customer service is quick and driven to ensure your satisfaction .

to chaos4u Phoenix, Arizona, United States #732113

>>>>1000 Bulbs has does an excellent job at resolving this issue>>>

Resolving what issue? Who are you? I see no post from you...

Your post sounds like you are posing the original

Dude... Your language skills give you away... as does your location.

Quit playing us for fools.

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